Friday, February 11, 2011

Travel Tales...Finally?

It was way (and waaaay) back when I decided to put our trips on paper so I'd have something go over with when nostalgia strikes. For some reason, I just kept putting it aside until today. I am lecturing me with a big's now or never. Finally, after a few minutes in front of my machine, it got  me my first entry -- Yey! An intro to this "whole new world" I created.

First up, I have to dig through my stacks of  photos, notes, boarding passes, baggage claim stubs, brochures and worn out maps which by the way looked way freakin' awesome after the trip, all torn, marked and crumpled. It makes me feel like a certified wanderer (hoping to upgrade my self-proclaimed title as a Globe Trekker someday *sigh and smile*). As I was saying, I'm planning to begin with our most recent trip then work my way backwards until all has been put on record. 

Here's a glance of the "stacks" I have been telling you:

                       Top: 6 (not less than 4gb) USBs, 
                             Bottom L-r : 1 Tera-byte external HDD & 3 x 500gb external HDD 

Not to mention, the maps, brochures and souvenirs I have tucked somewhere which I'm not even sure where...Wish me luck! 

My, I feel sooooo Julie Powell right now. Alright self, bring it on!

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