Monday, February 21, 2011

A bit under the weather

Since I was a kid, we (me & my family) locally travel several times a year, specifically every summer.  That kind of stayed with me even after I moved to Manila and lived on my own. I couldn't let the summer pass without being somewhere, this time I travel with my then-significant-other-now-my-husband Eric and some of our friends.  

Having grown in a country where everyday is summer, except for the wet season, it has become a mindset that all I have to worry about is the rain. Though for the record, every time Eric and I travel there is not one moment that it doesn't rain. Thankfully those are quick participation most if the time.

Sometime in 2008, when I was based in Singapore, I also began expanding my travel map within Southeast Asia and the weather (again, except rain) is still not an issue...not until our Northern Vietnam trip. Thinking that I am still within Southeast Asia, it will be a “same ‘ol same ‘ol” thing so as usual, we packed light. No shoes just slippers, no jeans only shorts and quick-dry tops. That same week before our departure, Eric has been bugging me to call the hotel to confirm if they have arranged an airport pick-up for us which I only remembered hours before our flight.

I called A1 Hotel in Hanoi for confirmation and the hotel staff who took the call was courteous enough to answer my queries but right before we hang-up he informed me about the that there will be no aircon during our stay as it is under maintenance. 

What the? If I hadn't called, then we would not be informed about this?  Instead, I stammered and just said "ooookkkaaayyy?”. He probably noticed the disappointment in my tone so he replied “but don’t worry madam, it’s the winter time so the temperature here is 17°-15°  and could be 15° tonight”.  Did I just hear winter? In Vietnam? Winter in Vietnam? Again, unsure of what to say, I just said the longest “oookaaayyy?” in my entire like, thanked him and hang-up.

I sat still for the next few seconds, stared at Trudge (our travelling bear) then at our bloated bags and rushed towards my machine and Googled “Hanoi weather” and there it was!  Just as the hotel dude said, lowest was 17°C and highest was 15°C. I checked my watch and I have 30mins left before I have to "really" go to the airport. 

So, the fastest unpacking-and-packing (for two) in my travel history happened in about 15 minutes! *long sigh of relief* I called Eric that I’m off to the airport and I’ll see him there.

Finally, we were so ready to become 4-day Millionaires! 

Trudge the Travelling Bear proud of his millions! wee!

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